About Richmond Finch


Our story

Richmond & Finch is a tech accessory brand founded in Sweden, offering high quality mobile device accessories in stylish and expressive designs, inspired by the latest fashion. Our wide range of unique phone cases and accessories for women and men are sold all over the world through retailers in over 50 countries.


Our vision

Richmond & Finch turns your phone into a fashion accessory, make it a talking point and a sign of your unique style. As an added bonus, a Richmond & Finch case keeps your phone safe and protects it from scratches and drop impact.


Our community (you!)

You live your life to the fullest. You wear the latest fashion, have an eye for detail, appreciate good quality and love to express yourself through your style.​

We know your phone is your dearest possession and that you don’t go anywhere without it. It’s an extension of you and your gateway to the world. You interact, get inspired, inspire others, share and care through your phone - and we aim to be a part of your journey.